When we first wrote our text for the “About Ussection of our homepage and Facebook back in 2017, it read the following:

Now it’s time for something big! We put our ambitious idea into action and started our own label called “Doc Gator Records”.”

At that time, we had no idea which great bands out of countrys all over the world (Brasil, Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany, Wales, England, Switzerland, Canada, India and USA) we were allowed to get to know and accompany on their way or even that we can show a handsome number of releases, all of which meet our high quality standard, which we continuously keep in mind and as we want to provide you and ourselves with the best possible entertainment. Our principle is quality instead of quantity. We are sure that we will inspire you and convince you with our bite, passion and attention to detail.

But the best thing on our way so far is the constant and close contact to you, our supporters. Here, too, we get to know great people every day and celebrate our bands with them. We are very grateful for that. Because what would man be without other people, what would we be without you…? Thank you very much for your support!

Nationally and internationally “Doc Gators Records” has become a well-known underground metal label, whose productions metalheads like to have in their collections, because they know: “The Doc stands for quality“.

Why we named us “Doc Gator Records”, one or the other surely asks. Well, the inspiration for the name came during a visit to an alligator farm in South Florida. The brand should be associated withsharpness and power”, just like our beloved music. We don’t see ourselves asbusiness alligators“, but as fans and as fans we, just like you, are into high quality exclusive vinyl records. These must also be completely new, never before released on vinyl or long out of stock.

Then as now, we pursue the goal of releasing lovingly produced vinyl. We continue to have this goal firmly in mind, like an alligator has its prey firmly between its razor-sharp teeth. Therefore, you can be sure that we will continue to deliver metal at the highest level in the coming years, so that your pickups will be ready for action and your turntables will keep moving.

With the words of Oliver Rix, a founding member of Doc Gator Records, we want to end this post. He wrote the following lines in February 2022 in our Supporters Group on Facebook:

It’s not always the easy way to bring new bands, try to grow with them and not rely on re-releases of classics or on established bands. We decided against thiseasierway already in the original line-up of the label. Why? There are just so many great bands that deserve a chance and rarely get it.

We found them in Brazil, Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany, Wales, England, Switzerland, Canada, India and USA. The world is with us at the label, similar to this group here, a place where everyone co-exists peacefully.

We try to keep it that way. With the support of many here. Thank you all.”

Your “Doc Gator Records”-Team

Doc Gator Records in the press:

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