Ty Morn






Origin: UK, Brazil and Portugal
Genre: Power Metal

Ty Morn is a UK, brazilian and portuguese band project created in early 2018 by musician and composer Aron Biale. The idea was to create a collection of songs influenced by the “greats” of Heavy Metal and Rock from the late 1970’s and 80’s. The debut album “Istor” was released in August 2019 on Doc Gator Records and won the support of many. The reception the band received from their fans after the release of their debut album could be seen very well in the increasing likes on social media, such as Facebook or the numbers of those who watched their videos on YouTube.


Raphael Gazal | Vocals
Aron Biale | Bass, rhythm guitar and keys
Joao Corceiro | Lead guitar
Per Mikkelsen | Drums
Martin Szorad | Additional guitars


Istor | 2019

Ty Morn released their debut album “Istor” in 2019 on Doc Gator Records and managed to impress not only print and online magazines, (Deaf Forever – 9/10 points; metalfactory.ch – 9/10 points; Musipediaofmetal.blogsot.com – 9/10 points) but also metalheads from all over the world. You could also find interviews in German print media with mastermind Aron Biale, who answered the questions of LEGACY Magazine. So it’s no wonder that a successor is eagerly awaited, considering the great reactions to this brutely awesome debut.

Last Villain Testament | 2022

February 2022 the band released their follow up, “Last Villain Testament” on Vinyl & CD (Doc Gator Records) and digital (Korrigans Lair Music) at https://tymorn.bandcamp.com/. With songs written by Aron Biale, the album features once again the vocal power of Raphael Gazal (Bulletback, Leviathan), lead guitars by Joao Corceiro and Martin Szorad and returning drummer Per Mikkelsen. The album was recorded in 2020/2021 at The Korrigans Lair studio in France and mixed by Shasank Venkat (Against Evil) at Sonic Roar Studios. The front cover was created especially by Czech artist, Honza Pavlis. “There were various “epic” influences on “Istor”, and this time I wanted to concentrate on shorter songs that sat between traditional metal and hard rock. Artists like Diamond Head, Alice

The lyrics deal with the spirit of a character named “The Warlock”, the last surviving villain in a future world, who looks back at a man’s battle with nature and himself and records it as a last testament”.


“Istor” 2019

Darkscene.at (Austria) – 8.0 out of 10 points

Even the most die-hard purist must admit that this album is really fun, even if the lack of originality is virtually pre-programmed in the basic concept. After the part was already released last year as a self-production, the Swiss label Doc Gator Records (www.docgator.com) has now taken up the cause and releases “ISTOR” not only as a digipak CD with two bonus tracks, but also on vinyl.


Rockmagazine.net – 9 of 10 Bängs

Doc Gator Records have again proven their flair for a release that deserves to be brought to a wide audience in an appropriate form. The name Ty Morn should be noted especially by fans of Angra, Judas Priest and traditional metal with a punch of bombast. For me, “Istor” is one of the top albums of the year in this area and gets a whopping 9/10 Bängs from me for it!


Time For Metal – 7 of 10 points

True Heavy Metal and Power Metal fans who love bombastic sound might be thrilled with the Pojetkt Ty Morn by Briton Aron Biale. Ty Morn poaches through some areas of heavy metal and power metal with his album Istor. The songs are very bombastic orchestrated. In addition to the opulent orchestration, the album also features a more than rich sound, but sometimes it seems a little too overly rich to me. Istor put a lot into the production, so you want to know it right away. However, this is where the crux lies for me. There is a rule that says that less is often more. The danger that this production will crush you is just as close as the joy about it. So I would say: an album that could divide the fans. Some will love it, others will hate it. Best example for this is the song: Die Where We Stand, which reminds strongly of Sabaton. Sabaton are finally also only hated or loved and divide the metal community nevertheless enormously. To each his own!


“Last Villian Testament” 2022

Darkscene.at (Austria) – 9.0 of 10 points

“(…) the British-Brazilian cooperation once again succeeds in walking on the paths of legends like DIAMOND HEAD and JUDAS PRIEST without copying them. The ten songs get to the point even better than on “Istor” and grab you right away on the first run-through.


Rock Garage – 8,5 of 10 points

Unconventional Heavy Metal with audible Epic Metal borrowings, which is compositionally already really off the standard: “Last Villain Testament” is a record that you should listen to with concentration and have heard once; definitely not for everyone, but for all those who like to enjoy something that is off the standard in between, a really cool thing!


Musipedia Of Metal – 8 out of 10 points

There’s some war imagery, a bit of the occult and lots of classic metal tropes. But it’s an enjoyable record, for me the standout moment is Eyes Of The Many Gods, is one of the more theatrical songs here, feeling a bit like a Maiden epic, as that propulsive bass hook anchors the entire thing. However there is a lot to like and once again Aron Biale’s Ty Morn project is testament to the power of modern recording techniques and old school metal. 8/10


Soundmagnet.eu – 9 out of 10 points

Ty Morn have more than lived up to the great expectations. The album seems even more mature than its predecessor. Last Villain Testament is from the first note for all a power metal compulsory program. Therefore 9 / 10


Obliveon – 9 of 10 points

But the icing on the delicious metal cocktail is once again Gazal’s great vocals, which will be heard again later this year with Colorado proggers Leviathan. Responsible for the production this time is Against Evil guitarist Shasank Venkat, who also did a brilliant job.


The Metal Observer (Canada) – 9 out of 10 Points.

“In the end, whether or not you consider novelty essential to a great album, Ty Morn should be able to win you over. For me, the tightness – playing ability and songwriting too – really pulls everything together, since any scepticism simply brushes aside from contact with the onrush of metal goodness. Basically, Last Villain Testament doesn’t leave me any time to doubt the quality of any single part, seeing as Ty Morn have meticulously attached content to content and left nothing bare, wrapping extra layers of melody where other bands might leave a plain riff or bridge, then found a production compromise that benefits every instrument, even the chunky bass. Particular plaudits must go to João Corceiro for a remarkably integrated lead guitar performance and Rafael Gazal for emulating a lot of great power and heavy singers as well as keeping impeccably balanced throughout some pretty quick sections. Nevertheless, arguably Biale himself still manages to steal the show, and that’s down to a superlative riff count, not to mention massive success with detailed song structures. Tad Morose should feel lucky to be mixed up with Ty Morn, because these guys rule.





War of Nations (Album Mix)

Eyes of the Many Gods (OFFICIAL VISUALIZER)

Kings of Dishonour (OFFICIAL VIDEO)