Gutter Creek





Origin: Canada/Denmark
Genre: Heavy Metal/Heavy Rock

Gutter Creek are Matt Hanchuck (Wreck Defy) and Derrick Kroll (ex Alphakill) from Canada and Søren Adamsen (ex-Artillery) from Denmark. In February 2022 the trio released their debut album “Gutter Creek” on our label and musically go in the direction of the 1970s/80s and are not least associated by media and fans with the great bands like Rainbow and Deep Purple. Fans of Dee Snider and Mötley Crüe may also click their tongues with joy.

Line Up

Matt Hanchuck | Guitar
Søren Adamsen | vocals
Derrick Kroll | drums


“Gutter Creek” | 2022

Album Line-Up

Matt Hanchuck | Guitar
Søren Adamsen | Vocals
Derrick Kroll | drums
Justin Stear | bass (guest musician)
Doug Piercy | Guitar (guest musician)

“Don’t snivel long – head in the neck” (directly translated german say so) – according to this motto Gutter Creek start like fire with “At Peace With Misery” on their debut album. After the five minute opener you are hopefully strapped in, because with “Never Back Down” comes the second bump and lets the V8 Boliden take off. “No Slave Religion” is a groovy number and is thematically about the Viking Age – “Valhalla, i῾m coming home”. There’s steam on the legs with “Hellryder” and crunchy heavy metal numbers Gutter Creek have packed onto their album with “Slipping Through The Scars”. “Nomad” also attacks the muscles most stressed in metal as the “Serpent King”, which is the track with the longest playing time with almost seven minutes. Via the power rock ballad “Mesmerized” we head for “Silent Killers”, which is also the fastest song on “Gutter Creek” and is best suited for screaming along.

Facts about “Gutter Creek”

– Guitar , drums and bass guitar were recorded in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
– Vocals recorded at Melody Studios in Copenhagen – Denmark
– Mixed by Justin Bender in Saskatoon Saskatchewan – Canada
– Artwork by Andrej Bartulovic – All Things Rotten
– Graphics by Frank Stellmacher


Reviews (Austria) – 8.0 out of 10 points

“Especially the great solos of Matt’s buddy Doug Piercy (BLIND ILLUSION, ex-HEATHEN, ex-ANVIL CHORUS) have to be pointed out, which enhance songs like ‘Nomad’ or ‘Never Back Down’. But also Hanchuck himself masters the lead guitar as he impressively proves on ‘Serpent King’ or ‘Silent Killers’.” – 8.5 out of 10 points

Gutter Creek show more than just thrashy riffs. The dark atmosphere meets lots of melody and is spiced up with great guitar solos. This makes the debut palatable for many metalheads. Delicious 8,5 / 10.

Obliveon – 8 out of 10 Points

“Although there is also a short ride in the direction of classic rock ‘n’ roll with the snappy ‘Hellryder’, otherwise “Gutter Creek” breathes the air of the late seventies and early eighties. The best example of this is probably the great ‘No Slave Religion’, which begins with Adamsen taking a vocal knee to his great idol RJ Dio, only to develop into a real gutbuster with a chorus to kneel down to (Pun intended!).”




At Peace With Misery

No Slave Religion (Official Visualizer)

Never Back Down 2021 (Official Lyric Video)

Hellryder 2022 (Official Lyric Video)