Origin: Germany
Genre: Alternative Metal / Modern Hardrock

Rock / Pop / Alternative… And above all a lot of METAL: From all these ingredients the metal virtuosos GHOSTHER from Heinsberg brew a sound that shoots from the ear directly into the long-term memory, tingles under the skin, goes into the legs, the butt and directly into the brain, which releases dopamine without end as soon as GHOSTHER fire the first notes! When then the first vocals of metal powerhouse Jenny rush through the microphone and floods the ears of you metalheads through the speakers, serotonin is released in masses and sung along loudly. You will experience all this when you listen to the band at home and it is even more awesome when you experience the concerts of the four Rhinelanders, because they are above all one thing: legendary parties. The lifeblood and the pure desire to make music, which give the quartet so unmistakable fun on stage, are real sparks that quickly become phenomenal fireworks and set the audience on fire. So GHOSTHER has to be on your to hear list! NOW!


Jenny | vocals
Andy | guitar
Ronnie | Drums
Frank | bass


“Through Fire” | 2019

On 06.12.2019 they celebrated the release of their debut album “Through Fire”, which was released on CD via Noizgate Records. On 18.01.2020 the, by the press praised debut album was released by the Swiss underground label Doc Gator Records on high quality 180g vinyl. The record was also available in two colors: White Magenta (200 copies) and Black (100 copies).

On “Through Fire” you can expect hard-hitting tracks like the blasting opener “Breathing”, or catchy tunes like “The Bitterend” and the soulful song “Lighthouse”. Of course, the Heinsberger do not forget the moshing faction and so you can really mosh along with “Hand 2 Heart” and the final title track “Through Fire”. The ten songs are a melting pot of groove, powerful riffs and concentrated energy. Above all this, singer Jenny’s strong vocals, here and there effectively contrasted by growled accents from the throat of guitarist Andy, drive the explosive mixture of contemporary metal, edgy alternative rock and rousing pop elements to the boiling point: sometimes emotional, sometimes full throttle Metal!


– the punchy of “Through Fire” took over none other than Aljoscha Sieg (Pitchback Studios, among others Eskimo Callboy, Annisokay, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Any Given Day)

– GHOSTHER released a documentary on the band’s own YouTube channel that is all about their debut album, very informative and worth watching. In addition, you get to know the quartet a little. You can find the video here:

Ghosther – The Movie


A fact but above all a promise: GHOSTHER will go through fire with you! Every show is a big party and generates an atmosphere and good mood that everyone takes home grinning and never forgets.


Rock Hard – 8 out of 10 Points

Unbelievable that the rousing mixture of noughties emo, screamo and metalcore was not created in California, New Jersey or Ohio, but in Heinsberg. After all, border area to the Netherlands, the San Fernando Valley of Europe. Within its genre, does everything right. The hooklines give fans of the genre moist eyes, without ever seeming contrived. Unpretentious lumbering on the one hand is contrasted on the other hand by great drama, as Muse can no longer manage. The dynamic takes its path through loud-quiet moments as well thought out as the imagined film takes its way through turning points and twists. Up to the artwork and beautiful gatefold digipak a convincing gem that could have been released by Victory from Chicago instead of Noizgate from Bielefeld.

Time for Metal – 8 out of 10 points

Groovy alternative metal dominated by a strong rhythm section and the rocking tube of the singer. Although the instrumentation is quite hard, the songs of the album Throug Fire remain very melodic, especially because of the vocals. The result is ten songs that all go quite well into the ear and should satisfy especially the listener who is not necessarily only inclined to the devastating metal. (Austria) – 4 out of 5 points

With their debut, GHOSTHER set more than a scent mark in the field of Modern / Alternative Metal. “Through Fire” has become a real joy dispenser for all music lovers who can do something with contemporary hard guitar music without blinkers. The music of a band that does not try to cling convulsively to traditions, but fearlessly and with pleasure integrates new elements into its own musical direction. Congratulations GHOSTHER, and keep it up! – 8.5 of 10 points

“Through Fire” is a strong album of a highly talented band, from which we will certainly hear a lot more in the future. It was and is a real pleasure for me to listen to the sounds of GHOSTHER.,36156,36017.html – 8.5 of 10 points

Through Fire perfectly captures the live power of GHOSTHER, also thanks to the first-class production by Aljoscha Sieg (Pitchback Studios, among others Eskiomo Callboy, Annisokay, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Any Given Day), of which I could already convince myself in September at the Heavy Metal Fans Facebook group meeting in Oberhausen. The energy level is almost permanently at the limit, I would have liked a little more variety, but that’s complaining on a high level for a debut album. The artwork rounds off the successful debut. I’m especially looking forward to the vinyl release, which will follow in January via Doc Gator Records. As a reward I give it 8,5/10.


Band homepage:


Hand 2 Heart


Breathing (Official Lyric Video)


The Bitterend