Against Evil

Origin: Indien
Style: Heavy Metal Metal

Hailing from the City of Visakhapatnam in India, Against Evil is a heavy metal band that formed in 2014. Influenced by bands such as Judas Priest, Accept, Iron Maiden and Megadeth, Against Evil´s Music is a perfect blend of traditional Heavy Metal , Power Metal, Speed and Thrashmetal that described as adrenaline inducing, fist pumping and bone crushing heavy metal.


Shasank | Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Siri | Vocals and Bass Guitar
Noble John | Drums
Sravan | Vocals and Rhythm Guitar


Fatal Assault (EP) | 2015

Against Evil entered the metal scene in 2015 with an EP titled „Fatal Assault“ released via Transcending Obscurity Records. The Album received critical acclaim from top metal journalists, magazines all over the world who praised the band for their solid, catchy song writing and top-qualitiy production.

„All Hail The King“ | 2018

In 2018, Against Evil released their first full-length album „All Hail the King“ whiich once again received high praise from critics and metalheads worldwide. With standout tracks such as „Stand Up and Fight“, „Sentenced to Death“ and the title track, the band gained a solid fan base in Europe which led tot he signing with european record label Doc Gator Records. One oft he highlights of this Album is a guest guitar solo by Jeff Loomis (Nevermore, Arch Enemy, Conquering Dystopia) on the Song „Sentenced to Death“.

„End Of The Line“ | 2021

In May 2021, Against Evil released their highly anticipated Album „End of the Line“. The Album once again proved that the band is relentless when it comes to delivering catchy, anthemic, high quality heavy metal without any filler, surpassing all the expectations off ans and critics an further increasing and solidifying their fan base. The new Album also has a guest feature from legendary rock/metal bass guitarist „Billy Sheehan“ (Mr. Big, UFO, David Lee Roth, The Winery Dogs, Sons of Apollo) on the song „Out for Blood“.



Fatal Assault (EP) 2015

RockHard – 8 out of 10 Points

Wonderful! Four youngsters from the Indian steel town of Visakhapatnam came up with the idea of forming a band in 2014. One year later they are already in the starting blocks with a six-song EP, which offers traditional, but at no time dusty heavy metal. Mostly midtempo and straight conceived, you just have to jump right in with “Fatal Assault”, and the catchy songs help to make sure that you won’t forget AGAINST EVIL so quickly. If these four guys continue to develop consistently, the band could become an insider tip!

The Ringmaster Review (UK)

Fatal Assault ensures a rampant close through War Hero, another pleasingly dirty and grouchy growl of a song with skilled and blistering exploits from the guitars around a powerful rhythmic spine and the ever compelling vocals. As all tracks it never truly feeds expectations despite its obvious influences and familiar textures. It is a trait which applies across the very accomplished and engaging EP, and helping provide a firmly solid base from which Against Evil can only spring to greater heights and spotlights.


All About The Rock (UK) –  9 out of 10 Points

The production and sound quality of this release is all first class, and the physical copy of the album is beautifully packaged with a full cover booklet containing all the song lyrics.  The album is available as a digital album, a physical CD, and there is currently a “fan pack” available that contains a CD, a t-shirt, a poster and a sticker.  Yet again, it’s great to see Transcending Obscurity India offering such cool options for their releases.

This is a blistering album, and if you’re a fan of real metal then you definitely need to check it out.


„All Hail The King“ 2018 – 8.5 out of 10 Points (Austria)

All in all, “All Hail The King” is a highly interesting iron for both speed/thrash and power metallers, which will soon be available on vinyl for the first time on “Doc Gator”.


Time For Metal – 9.3 out of 10 Points

Conclusion: The guys from Against Evil have really got it with their debut album All Hail The King. First-class Heavy Metal in the tradition of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest with a breeze of fresh power is offered. No new heavy metal band has sounded this refreshing in a long time. The album is very cleanly produced without being stripped of its rawness by the grind. The four guys show the old hands how to do heavy metal. For me they are clearly The Army Of Four, as the song title on their album says!


RockHard – 8 out of 10 Points

The very good impression of their first EP “Fatal Assault”, which was released in 2015 only one year after the band was founded, can be strengthened by the Indians AGAINST EVIL with their first album: On “All Hail The King” traditional metal to kneel down is indeed announced. The four-piece prefers stomping midtempo, so that you can shake your mane wonderfully to songs like ‘Stand Up And Fight!’ or ‘Mean Machine’. No wonder that Jeff Loomis has honored the troupe with a guest contribution on ‘Sentenced To Death’. True-metallers should immediately jump on


„End Of The Line“ 2021

Time For Metal – 9.5 out of 10 Points

End Of The Line is a touch harder than its predecessor All Hail The King, but this definitely benefits it. Adrenaline-filled and with sheer endless energy, characteristic vocals and uncompromising to brute sound are the attributes that describe this truly ingenious album. Who is not already infected by Against Evil, will be after these 34 minutes! Listen to it and get as carried away as I was. A very big thumbs up and an absolute recommendation to all metal fans who love traditional heavy metal with some fresh wind.

Link: – 8.5 out of 10 Points

After an actually untypical, hard start End of the Line develops from song to song to a varied, successful and also emotional album. No metalhead should let it pass by unheard – therefore 8,5 / 10


zephyrs-odem – 8.7 out of 10 Points

All in all, a quite successful metal album, which has cool songs, which also carry enough variety in itself, maybe not quite reach the top league, but masses of fun. Here is something for everyone, who is not only into beating music. Hardrock friends, Metalheads anyway, but also Speed and Melothrash friends will find here. Round thing that.





All Hail the King (LYRIC VIDEO)

Sentenced to Death feat. JEFF LOOMIS (Music Video)

Metal or Nothin’ (Official Video)

Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover) – A Tribute to Lemmy